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Comprehensive Rules and Regulations for the FIFA Tournament

.:: General Rules ::.


All participants must exhibit good sportsmanship. Any form of misconduct, including cheating, abusive language, or unsportsmanlike behavior, may result in disqualification.


Brand new remotes and controllers will be provided.
Players are responsible for the equipment they use. If a controller is broken due to misuse, the player may be subject to a charge for replacement.

Venue Conduct:

The tournament is held at Sir Sandwich Co, a hookah lounge. Please be respectful of the venue and other patrons.
Food and hookah are available for purchase but are not included in the tournament fee.
Maintain cleanliness and adhere to the lounge's rules and regulations.


Complimentary valet parking is provided. Tips are appreciated but not mandatory.
Participants must confirm with the valet if the parking area is full to know where to park. Failure to adhere to this may result in towing.
Sir Sandwich Co is not responsible for any towing expenses.

Technical Difficulties:

In case of any technical difficulties outside of player control, the game will be reset to 0:0 and restarted.

Team Selection:

Players can choose any club team.
No international teams are allowed.
Teams will use the latest live updates.
The game used for the tournament is FC 24.
No Legends team allowed (Ex: Soccer Aid / Rest of World)

Tournament Structure

Preliminary Rounds:
Format: Single game elimination. If tied game will be played on classic, if tied again, game will be determined by penalties.
Game Length: Each match consists of 5-minute halves.
Transition: Allow 5-10 minutes between matches for setup and transitions.
First Round: Winners will receive custom t-shirts.
Failure to attend within 10 minutes of allotted time may result in forfeit.


Format: Home and away games
Game Length: Each match consists of 6-minute halves, playing two matches (one home, one away).
Scoring: Aggregate scoring will be used to determine the winner.
Tie-Breaker: If tied on aggregate, extra time and penalties will be used to determine the winner.


Format: Single match on the main screen
Game Length: 8-minute halves (adjustable for a more substantial final if desired).
Participation and Management


Fee: $50 sign-up fee per participant. NON-REFUNDABLE
Process: Registration can be done online.
Failure to attend for any reason will result in an automatic forfeit. (No Refunds)

Bracket Management:

A digital tool or software will be used to manage the tournament bracket and keep track of progress.
Regular updates will be provided via email or a designated messaging app.
Additional Guidelines

Respect the Equipment:

All players must use the provided controllers. Personal controllers are not allowed unless specified by the organizers.
Any damage to the equipment should be reported immediately to the event staff.

Time Management:

Players must be ready for their matches on time. Failure to appear within 5 minutes of the scheduled match time may result in a forfeit.

Food and Drink:

Food and hookah are available for purchase. Players are responsible for their own food and drinks.
Please keep food and drinks away from the gaming equipment to avoid any damage.

.::Final Note::.
The tournament aims to provide a fun and competitive environment. Respect for fellow participants, the venue, and the equipment is paramount. Enjoy the games and may the best player win!